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„Help me to do it myself.“ Maria Montessori
John Smith
Sarah Blaine

Klára Kulichová


Klára has completed a 2 year international Montessori pedagogy course 

for children aged 3 to 6 years, led by the internationally recognized association of AMI (Association Montessori International), whose founder was Dr. Maria Montessori. She worked at Montessori pre-schools in Vienna, Prague and Bratislava. The principles of Montessori pedagogy have profoundly influenced her perception of children and the role of the teacher. Working with children using Montessori method is a great joy for her and Klara is happy to see how this approach can light up both the eyes and hearts of the kids.

Barbora Černáková


Barbora studied English and Biology at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. During her studies, she began to work as a teacher of English at Spojená škola Novohradská (The Juraj Hornec Preparatory High School merged with Košická Elementary School) in Bratislava. Then she taught Biology in English in the international classes of the IBO section. After completing her studies, she developed her experience through internships at schools in Ireland, Lithuania, Greece, Norway and Slovenia, She was a leader for the Comenius and Socrates projects in Slovakia. She even expanded her qualification while on maternity leave. She has a number of certificates in the field of Montessori pedagogy and she has led Montessori playrooms activities for children from 1 to 3 years at the Klbko Family Center. She has undergone the training of Play Wisely® teachers. Barbora is currently studying Montessori pedagogy in Prague for children between 6 and 12 years of age. This course, with both content and form, observes standards for courses of international Montessorio organizations. She also translates books for children from English, mainly dealing with art education. Attending the Montessori International Congress was her greatest experience, where she could meet with Montessori pedagogues from around the world. She graduated the Respect and Be Respected course.

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Soňa Kratochvílová

Montessori teacher

During her studies at preparatory high school, Soňa was also engaged in entertainment activities in children's camps and babysitting. However, she allowed herself to be lured into the study of Indology in Prague, she graduated an annual study stay in India. In spite of her love of translation, she discovered that she would enjoy working with children even more.
So this is the reason why she started working in the English Montessori Kindergarten. First, she was dedicated to children aged 1 ½ to 3, then moved to a class with children aged 3 to 6, where she spent almost three years. She first became acquainted with the pedagogy of M. Montessori in this job. It fascinated her to such an extent that she enrolled in an assistant course certified by AMI (Asociation Montessori International). Gradually, a few short AMI courses were added, focusing on various details of the functioning of the Montessori classes.
Since she devoted herself to drawing from early childhood, she decided to share this enthusiasm and she led an afternoon fine-art hobby group in the pre-school where she worked. During this time, she became interested in arteteraphy and artefiletics, about which she is currently trying to learn more.
What she likes most about working in the Montessori environment is listening the stories that children reply her with and answering questions that begin with the words: "Sonička, why?" She is fascinated with the desire of the small children to develop and the advances they are able to make in the first few years of their lives.


Monika Ľuptáková

Leading Montessori teacher

During high school, she spent a year studying in the US where she not only began to build a relationship towards English but also towards 

psychology. She was also impressed with a more modern method of educating and inclusion of children with disabilities into the group of other students. She studied psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava. She worked as a teacher for children's physical activities at the QSI International School, in addition to studying. She has also completed a short internship at the Autistic Children Center. Working with children grew on her so much that, after completing her studies, she added to it the teaching of pre-school children, according to the American teaching system in English.
She underwent the training of Play Wisely® teachers in 2016. Along with teaching, Monika successfully completed a Montessori Diploma Course for Children aged 3-6 years in Prague. This course, with both content and form, observes standards for courses of international Montessori organizations. Attending the Montessori International Congress was her greatest experience, where she could meet with Montessori pedagogues from around the world. The Montessori pedagogy includes respected education and communication, which deepens in the Respect and Be Respected course. She has also added therapy for children with uneven development, into her work with healthy children. She is currently planning to complete two-year music therapy training and continues to participate in inspirational conferences and workshops on Montessori pedagogy, special pedagogy and psychology.



Montessori teacher

Since 2013, she has been engaged in Montessori pedagogy professionally, as a teacher at the Montessori pre-school. She graduated the Montessori National Pedagogy Course for children aged 3-6 (SAM) and various courses and workshops focused on Montessori pedagogy and child education. She has, both theoretically and practically, improved respecting communication, which is inseparably included in the education of children, on the Respect and Be Respected course, conducted by the Kopřiva spouses.

"Life with children at pre-school age is fascinating. I like accompanying them for everyday experiences and together finding the charm of the world in the little things around us. Children show me how to live here and now. We are encouraging each other’s progress.”

Tamara Frontczak

English speaking teacher

Tamara was born in Bratislava, but she moved to the USA with her family 
Natural Sciences at Case Western University. During a volunteer service 
continue studying pedagogy, which she successfully completed at
taught in Ohio and subsequently at international schools in Venezuela and Italy.
She returned to her homeland after twenty years and taught at various international schools in the Czech Republic, Košice and finally also in Bratislava at QSI and at the British International School. She became interested in the Montessori system and she gradually took a fancy to it, as she studied the children's development and the personal challenges of schoolchildren. She works with preschoolers and in addition to teaching English in the Montessori environment, she continues to gain education in
Montessori pedagogy as well as health therapy and craniosacral therapy.

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