Our Principles

"In the moment when a child takes the first step, they find themselves at a 
higher level of interaction. They are constantly striving to expand their. They want to do everything by themselves... Their efforts are so vigorous that our usual reaction is to stop them. Unfortunately, if we do this, we don’t stop the child but nature itself, because the will of the child follows the will of nature and is governed by its laws." Maria Montessori
Principles of our work with children
  • We treat children with sincerity, love, and individualism, paying attention to their personal characteristics.

  • Our communication with children is built on respect and empathy. But we also set borders - in a clear, sensitive, comprehensive, and patient manner.

  • We help children develop their social skills and emotional intelligence.

  • We offer a safe and healthy environment to children (thanks to a healthy diet, aromatherapy, responsible policy in the case of illness, activities in nature, etc.).

  • We give them freedom, independence, and associated responsibility. We place great emphasis on friendly relationships among children and important human values.

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