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" It is important for us that our children spend time outdoors and in nature. We like the Montessori approach focused on child development, emphasis on satisfaction, not performance, offered workshops for parents and children. When choosing a nursery, we were mainly interested in the bilingual environment, yoga and ecology. From the beginning we observe a growing independence and consideration for others."

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" Danielko is very satisfied with our kindergarten. Based on his statements, the education implemented appears to be in accordance with our own life values. We feel to be supported in the development of Danielko's skills. He often transfers the knowledge and principles acquired in kindergarten into everyday life, which has a positive effect on the whole family. "

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When I was looking for a kindergarten for my children (4 years and 3 years), I was looking for a place where my children will feel as much at home as possible. Mainly because they will spend much time there. This means that they will have healthy, intimate relationships with adults, who will lead them in accordance with values that we, their parents, also recognize. And I managed to find this in our kindergarten. Personally, I would like every single child to be given this opportunity, experience, and love that children experience here. "

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“We have 2 children (4 and 6 years old) in the kindergarten. For two years and we all are very satisfied, both parents and children.


Children especially enjoy a mixed age class (they learn not only from the guides, but also from each other. Older friends help younger friends. They love the fact that they have great deal of independence. I often listen with pride to their sentences like "I took care of our turtle myself" or "I set tables for all the children (lunch)". They also enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors (in the garden or in the woods).


We, as parents see the greatest benefit in a safe environment, in respectful communication among children, in an individual approach (in terms of developing their skills, access to their emotions as well as their individual needs), in regular assessment of children's progress. We are happy for its pleasant community environment and willingness to listen and answer each of our questions.

Our long-term trust in our kindergarten is also confirmed by the strong positive energy of the principal and her desire to develop children as well as the kindergarten itself. 

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"For us, our Preschool is a place where both children and parents feel respected. It is a place where our child is educated through his own curiosity and where he feels supported in his personal development.

Our wonderful teachers naturally support independent play and self-driven passion for exploration and love for education. Communication is open and honest, and we see great academic as well as personal changes that are very positive. "

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We were looking for a Montessori preschool with an ecological dimension, near the forest, where our daughter could spend a lot of time in nature and in bilingual environment. Also high quality balanced diet with local ingredients in organic quality was very important for us. Our preschool offers varied afternoon activities and, last but not least, has fantastic teachers. This preschool exceeded our expectations. We are pleased with the individual approach,  development of our daughter's potential, the truly respectful environment. And especially the fact that our daughter enjoys going to kindergarten immensely.

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